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Pump Action

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Pump Action The aim of this game is to switch off all pumps before the water levels reach the top. Unfortunately before a pump can be switched off, the pump must be unlocked by collecting the appropriate number of keys. Once all pumps are switched off, the level is completed by leaving through the exit. TIP: Turning off a pump will reduce the water flow for that side, so make sure you tackle the pumps on each side equally. To assist with this task, a HUD surrounds the player indicating the height of the water levels and the keys collected. Beware though, that you can only carry a certain number of keys which must be used before any more keys can be collected. Also, water droplets will drop from the top of the screen, eventually disappearing into the pipes at the bottom of the screen. If these droplets aren't jumped on, they'll increase the water rate making the water rise higher. In addition extra lives are awarded every 20000 points, and collectibles will appear resulting in the following temporary effects: - Decreasing water rate - Increasing water rate - Freezing countdown of current collectibles To start the game, choose a level using the Up/Down cursor keys and then press Space; levels will unlock as progress is made. To help control our hero: - CTRL will jump - Left/Right cursor keys will move Also in case of toilet breaks, Return will pause the game, and in case of hopelessness, Escape will quit the level.

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