Gangster Vegas Grand City

Gangster Vegas Grand City

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Controls WASD or arrow keys to move or drive F to enter a vehicle Space bar to jump or use handbrake Shift to walk or use nitro

Game Details

Gangster Vegas Grand City is an epic game of exploration and destruction in which you can drive around a crowded Vegas city and cause as much mayhem as you can! Jump into any car you like and start driving – the streets and roads are packed full with other vehicles and pedestrians – you can choose to either avoid them or career into them like a madman! Aside from exploring the city and running amok with a simple car, you can also get your hands on a tank! Yes that’s right, you can commandeer a military tank and use its immense cannon to blow things into oblivion with huge explosions! Let your imagination run wild and run rampant through the streets of Vegas today! Features Open-world exploration in a big city with hills A tank that you can drive and use to cause mayhem around the city Various stealable vehicles, including a school bus Smooth effects and realistic 3D graphics

Date Added: 2018-03-04

Category: Shooter Games

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